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Please check which official would best answer your question and contact them by the details listed below.
Alternatively, you can use the form opposite although this may not be the quickest way to get your query resolved. In all cases, please make sure you have read the regulations and any event documentation thoroughly before getting in touch. Thank you.

Officials of the event

Clerk of the Course: Ray Smith
Telephone:   07885 447470  (between 19.00 –  21:00 please)

Event Secretary: Sarah Jones
Telephone: 07774 908297  (between 19.00 –  21:00 please)

Entries Secretary: Amber Krumstets – Hand
Telephone: 07984 065955  (between 19.00 –  21:00 please)

Chief Marshal: Matt Clarke
Telephone:  07399568270 (between 19.00 –  21:00 please)

Media Officer: Matt Cotton
Telephone:  07870216931 (up to 21:00 please)

WSSCC Chairman: Guy Weaver