Welcome to the 2021 WKD Trained Dogs - Rally North Wales - SATURDAY 26TH JUNE 2021

More competitor information will be available soon

Event Regulations & Enter Online

Event regulations for the 2021 WKD Trained Dogs Rally North Wales will be available soon

Frequently Asked Questions

The days of competitors reading regulations from cover to cover seem to have gone. We are not sure why, you spend enough on an entry…you’d think you want to know what you are paying for….

…but in the digital and fast paced age we appreciate it can be hard to find time. So here are a few FAQ’s that may help plan your Rally North Wales.


Dolgellau, Wales. Here is a handy map:

Classic forests like Dyfi and Pantperthog will most probably be included. They have been made famous by Wales Rally GB over the years..whats good enough for Seb Ogier…is good enough for you..

As cost effective as possible.

2WD crews will set off early on Saturday morning in a reverse seeded format, with a short gap before the 4WD crews follow closely behind. Each will complete all the stages (45 miles) and finish mid afternoon

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